Back Numbers edited by Warren Harris

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Warren writes: Back Numbers is a pulp-oriented apazine that is prepared for the quarterly mailings of the Pulp Era Amateur Press Society.
I try to keep the main focus on pulp magazines, but I also write on subjects I think will be of interest to the PEAPS membership, such as conventions, paperback books I've read, library book sales and articles on pulp-related subjects.
Among the semi-regular features are mailing comments (a conversation-by-mail among the membership), our featured pulp, and reviews of pulp-related books and fanzines.

Back Numbers 1
October 2001 (1MB)
Back Numbers 2
April 2002 (1.7MB)
Back Numbers 3
July 2002 (1.8MB)
Back Numbers 4 Part 1
Back Numbers 4 Part 2
October 2002 (1.9MB)
October 2002 (1.9MB)
Back Numbers 5
January 2003 (1MB)
Back Numbers 6 Part 1
Back Numbers 6 Part 2
April 2003 (1.1MB)
April 2003 (1.4MB)
Back Numbers 7
July 2003 (1.3MB)
Back Numbers 8
September 2003 (2MB)
Back Numbers 9
October 2003 (324KB)
Back Numbers 10
January 2004 (564KB)
Back Numbers 11 Part 1
Back Numbers 11 Part 2
April 2004 (1.9MB)
April 2004 (1.0MB)
Back Numbers 12
July 2004 (394KB)
Back Numbers 13
October 2004 (4804KB)
Back Numbers 14
January 2005 (620KB)
Back Numbers 15
April 2005 (2.4MB)
Special Features
Don't Shake Me #1 (3MB)
FanimeCon - Warren's one-shot photo report (4.7MB)
The Herald-Argus
Cosplay #2 - photos and con reports for Baycon, Fanimecon and Tales of Anime (6MB)
Cosplay #3 - Part 1 (3.4MB)
Cosplay #3 - Part 2 (3.6MB)
Cosplay #4 (4MB)
Cosplay #5 (3MB)

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