The Descent of Fan by Douglas Spencer

The Descent of Fan (533 KB)

Clues and Gropes
an obscene filk collection for Eastercon 2007
compiled and presented by Douglas Spencer and Judith Proctor, April 2007

Clues and Gropes - A4 version (24KB)

Clues and Gropes - US version (24KB)

Convers[at]ions by Douglas Spencer

It's good to talk.

This is my first fanzine. Recent discussions captured on paper, for the bafflement of the masses.

The fanzine itself is eight A5 pages, but the PDF is a double-sided sheet of A3.
Part of the fun is unfolding it as you read -- a bit like the way that conversations unfold and take you places you weren't expecting.

1st November 2002

Convers[at]ions 1

(23 KB PDF)

Because talking about it makes it better

15th April 2003

Convers[at]ions 2

(24 KB PDF)

Because once is not enough

6th November 2003

Convers[at]ions 3

(27 KB PDF)

Third time lucky?

26th April 2004

Convers[at]ions 4

(25 KB PDF)

Fourth in thy name I go

7th October 2004

Convers[at]ions 5

(34 KB PDF)

Taking the fifth?

Spangled Course

Poetry by Douglas Spencer

16th March 2003

Spangled Course 1

(17 KB PDF)

Because Pete thought it was a good idea

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