The View From Entropy Hall edited by Ed Meskys

My interests include SF and fantasy, obviously, as well as religion from intellectual or scholarly viewpoint, the space program, SF fandom and its history (including "Timebinders"), subways and other rapid transit, blind civil rights and the NFB, technology, both general and specifically for the blind, opera, operetta, musicals, etc. in English, both classical and modern. I might discuss any of these topics in a future issue of View From Entropy Hall. Any comments for APA-Q are written so a non-member can understand my point. In print, I also publish a SF/fsy genzine, NIEKAS, and for the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) of NH the NH Federationist. I do not have general access to the Web but can only get and send e-mail as is hosting current and recent issues of The View From Entropy Hall.

Brian R. Thurston also hosts a site with back issues.


The View From Entropy Hall Issue 29 (91KB HTML)
  Issue 30 (71KB HTML)
  Issue 31 (95KB HTML)
  Issue 32 (92KB HTML)
  Issue 33 (153KB HTML)
  Issue 34 (129KB HTML)
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Last revised: 28 February, 2006

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