Procrastinations by John Coxon

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HTML versions of Procrastinations can be found on John's website, although HTML versions are often published later than their PDF and paper counterparts.

23 May 2006

Procrastinations One (92KB) Genesis and Exodus

2 April 2007

Procrastinations Three (281KB) Top Banana

20 July 2007

Procrastinations Two (158KB) Masturbations
(Caution: explicit content in places)

6 September 2007

Procrastinations Four (250KB) Square-Eyed

20 March 2008

Procrastinations Five (431KB) Rogue Comet

5 September 2008

Procrastinations Six (365KB) Braaains...

9 April 2009

Procrastinations Seven (322KB) Coming soon

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