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2004 ReRepetercon, Peterborough
Photographs by Peter Weston and Bill Burns

Peter Weston writes about the genesis of the event:

Back in the Spring Eileen and I were returning from a jazz festival on the East Coast, and we stopped at Peterborough for old times' sake. I'd just finished writing my 'memoirs' at the time and so the good old 'Bull' Hotel was very much in my mind, with fond memories of my first convention back in 1964.

The Bull had gone up-market; (as, indeed, had the whole of Peterborough from what we could see), and when we came out of the front door and saw a pork-pie shop right across the road (I kid you not!) I knew this was an Omen. It had been forty years since Repetercon - would it be possible to arrange a reunion?

So I set about tracing the surviving veterans of the two Peterborough cons, to invite them to meet again, to reminisce and just enjoy some time together. I decided it would be an 'invitation only' event, for us, partners, and a few guests who might appreciate the occasion, perhaps other sixties fans who weren't actually AT Peterborough but who would fit in. (Like, for instance, Bill Burns!)

And so it worked out. We managed to get nearly thirty people, though with some disappointments; Terry Pratchett, Joe Patrizio and Max Jakubowski were keen, but elsewhere at the time. Five from Manchester cancelled at the last minute, and some I particularly wanted - like Chris Priest - were otherwise committed. Still, it was a good weekend. We saw films taken at the two cons, recently exhumed by Dave Barber, and Dicky Howett stunned everyone with his wonderful 'fan-film', showing Ella Parker's last fan-gathering, Charles Platt in close-up, and a party held in Rog Peyton's house with rare views of Cliff Teague and other Brum-group fans circa 1964.

You can probably still read a full report on Victor's, (though it's old news now) and Bill and I took these pictures:-

Click on each picture for a larger image

Peter Weston, Alan Rispin

Eileen Weston

Marion Linwood

Jim Linwood

Rog Peyton

Doreen Rogers, Peter Mabey

Marion & Jim Linwood

Mary Burns, Eileen Weston

Ina Shorrock

Harry Harrison, Mary Burns

Bill Burns, Harry Harrison

Ted Ball

Alan Rispin

Keith Freeman

Edward James, Farah Mendelson

Dicky Howett, Harry Harrison

Ken Slater, Gavin Shorrock, Ted Ball

Ted Ball

Ina Shorrock

Peter Mabey

Harry Harrison, Mary & Bill Burns

Eileen Weston, Keith Freeman

Margaret & Dicky Howett, Susie (Slater) Haynes

Wendy Freeman

Keith Freeman

Ted Ball


Eileen & Peter Weston

Edward James

Ron Bennett, Doreen Rogers

Rita & George Locke

Jim Linwood, Alan Rispin, Marion Linwood

Rog Peyton, Jim Linwood

Dave Barber, Ken Slater

Ina Shorrock, Keith Freeman

Wendy Freeman, Rog Peyton

Wendy Freeman, Rog Peyton, Ina Shorrock, Keith Freeman

Ron Bennett

The Group

And for a view of the event of forty years ago which inspired this reunion,
here's Harry Nadler's report on the 1964 Peterborough Eastercon.


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