Manuals: Arcade Manuals (K-R).

Manual Title

Size of the PDF
K7200 (CLASSIC) Troubleshooting Guide [English]PDF 36K
K7203 (REV A) Troubleshooting Guide [English]PDF 36K
K7203 Monitor [Block Diagram] [English]PDF 72K
K7500 Troubleshooting Guide [English]PDF 64K
Kangaroo (SP-204 2nd Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF5.6M
Kangaroo (SP-204 3rd Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF1.3M
Kangaroo [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF304K
Kaos [Instruction & Service] [English]PDF1.5M
Kaos [Schematics] [English]PDF384K
Karate Champ [English]PDF128K
Karate Champ [Installation Instructions] [English]PDF1.5M
Karnov [Operation & Service] [English]PDF6.1M
Kart Duel (Updates 1 & 2) [Update to Parts List] [English]PDF144K
Kart Duel [Operator's] [English]PDF1.7M
Kart Fury (27in) [Manual Amendment] [English]PDF416K
Kart Fury (27in) [Operations] [English]PDF5.4M
Kart Fury (39in) [Operations] [English]PDF5.8M
Kart Fury [Pricing Table Amendment] [English]PDF 34K
Keltron Monitor [Schematics] [English]PDF256K
Kicker [Conversion Kit Instructions] [English]PDF1.4M
Kickle Cubele [English]PDF116K
Killer Comet [English]PDF5.8M
Killer Instinct [Operations] [English]PDF1.6M
King and Balloon [English]PDF3.0M
Kiosk (TM-076) [Operation & Maint. Supplement] [English]PDF448K
Klax (Kit TM-348 1st Printing) [Uni. Kit Installation Ins] [English]PDF4.5M
Knights of the Round Table [Kit Instruction Manual] [English]PDF640K
Knights of the Round [Dip & Pin] [English]PDF512K
Knights of the Round [English]PDF 98K
Knuckle Bash [Schematics] [English]PDF592K
Kozmik Kroozr [Parts & Operating] [Japanese]PDF9.4M
Kram [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [Japanese]PDF 13M
Krull [Instructions] [Japanese]PDF5.7M
Kung Fu Master [English]PDF114K
Kyukyoku Tiger II [Instructions] [Japanese]PDF1.5M
LAI Monochrome XY KZ-14XYB and KZ-19XYB [Service] [English]PDF1.3M
Lady Bug [Schematics] [English]PDF848K
Last Duel [Kit Instructions] [English]PDF1.9M
Lazarian [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF 15M
Lazarian [Schematics] [English]PDF1.5M
Lazer Command [English]PDF336K
Lazer [Schematics] [English]PDF800K
LeMans (TM-077 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF5.9M
Led Storm [Kit Instructions] [English]PDF704K
Legend of Hero [English]PDF 54K
Legend of Makai [English]PDF 76K
Legendary Wings [Instructions] [English]PDF592K
Lethal Enforcers US [Instruction Manual] [English]PDF4.6M
Lethal Enforcers [Operator's & Service] [English]PDF640K
Lethal Enforcers [Tech-Part-Schem] [English]PDF1.9M
Liberator (SP-209 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF4.9M
Liberator (TM-209 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF 10M
Lightning Fighters [Schematics] [English]PDF2.7M
Lock On [Operation & Service] [English]PDF4.0M
Lock'N Chase (Upright) [English]PDF6.2M
Loco Motion [Service] [English]PDF2.9M
Lode Runner - The Dig Fight [Japanese]PDF1.1M
Lode Runner [English]PDF336K
Looping [Schematics] [English]PDF976K
Looping [Wiring & Schematics] [English]PDF1.0M
Lost Tomb [Conversion Kit] [English]PDF976K
Lunar Lander (DP-136 3rd Printing) [Drawing Package] (Missing Sheet 01 Side A) [English]PDF1.2M
Lunar Lander (TM-136 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF4.4M
Lunar Rescue [Service Instructions] [English]PDF656K
MIA - Missing In Action [Instructions] [English]PDF1.4M
MTV Rock'n'Roll Trivia [Installation & Operating] [English]PDF608K
Mach 3 [Addendum] [English]PDF 92K
Mach 3 [Instruction Manual] [English]PDF5.2M
Mach 3 [Schematics] [English]PDF1.3M
Mad Alien [UP-5 Shop Manual] [English]PDF3.4M
Mad Dog McCree & Who Shot Johhny Rock [Manual Rev 2] [English]PDF704K
Mad Dog McCree TM-MD01 [Operator's] [English]PDF2.3M
Mad Planets [Instructions] [English]PDF4.7M
Mag Max [Schematics] [English]PDF736K
Mag Max [Service Instruction] [English]PDF816K
Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy [Kit Instructions] [English]PDF320K
Magical Spot [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF3.8M
Mahou Daisakusen [Japanese]PDF368K
Majestic Twelve Dip Switches [English]PDF 66K
Major Havoc (TM-267 Tempest) [Conversion Instructions] [English]PDF2.1M
Major Havoc (TM-268) [Conv. Ins. for Space Dual Gravitar & Black Widow] [English]PDF2.3M
Major Title Manual [English]PDF512K
Makejuima [English]PDF116K
Maketrax (Upright) [Drawing Set] [English]PDF1.1M
Marble Madness (TM-276 1st Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF4.1M
Mario Bros [Schematics] [English]PDF3.0M
Mario Bros. (DK & JR + Popeye) [Nintendo Pak Install & Operation] [English]PDF1.8M
Mario Bros. [Operation] [English]PDF1.1M
Mark Stranger 2 [Backdoor Sheet] [Japanese]PDF 84K
Mars Matrix [Japanese]PDF1.0M
Martial Champion [Instructions] [English]PDF1.1M
Marvel Super Heroes [Operator's] [English]PDF1.4M
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter [Operator's] [English]PDF928K
Marvel vs Capcom - Clash of the Super Heroes [Operator's] [English]PDF736K
Marvel vs Capcom 2 - New Age of Heroes [Operator's] [English]PDF1.2M
Marvin's Maze [Conversion Kit Ins] [English]PDF5.1M
Mat Mania [Instructions] [English]PDF1.4M
Matsushita 14in Color Raster (TM-153 2nd Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF1.8M
Matsushita 19in Color Raster (TM-202 1st Printing) [Serv-Schem-Part] [English]PDF5.4M
Mazan [Operator's] [English]PDF2.0M
Mazer Blazer [Installation & Operation] [English]PDF3.2M
Meadows Lanes [English]PDF960K
Mega Zone [Conversion Kit] [English]PDF2.8M
Megattack [English]PDF1.3M
Mercs [Instructions] [English]PDF384K
Mesmerizer [Owner's & Service] [English]PDF336K
Metal Slug 2 [Soft Dip Settings] [English]PDF1.0M
Metal Slug 4 [Soft Dip Settings] [English]PDF976K
Metamorphic Force [Instructions] [English]PDF1.4M
Microvitec - Series 3 Colour Displays [Service] [English]PDF800K
Midway L Shape Space Invaders Pinouts [English]PDF 64K
Midway Sportstation (25in Conversion Kit) [Operation] [English]PDF3.2M
Midway Sportstation (25in Standard 4 Player) [Operation] [English]PDF2.4M
Midway Sportstation (39in Deluxe) [Operation] [English]PDF3.0M
Millipede (CO-217-01) [Op-Maint-Serv-Schem Supplement] [English]PDF1.3M
Millipede (SP-217 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF848K
Millipede (TM-217 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF3.4M
Millipede [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF188K
Missile Command (Caberat DP-158 1st Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF720K
Missile Command (Caberat TM-158 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF1.4M
Missile Command (Cocktail TM-152 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF624K
Missile Command (TM-147 3rd Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF3.6M
Missile Command [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF256K
Missle Command (CO-162-01) [Adding Ext. Speaker] [English]PDF 90K
Mole Hunter [Owner's] [English]PDF3.2M
Monaco GP [Owner's] [English]PDF7.3M
Monster Bash [Schematics] [English]PDF2.7M
Monte Carlo (TM-149 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF 12M
Moon Alien Part II [Service Instruction] [English]PDF6.8M
Moon Base [Service Instruction] [English]PDF3.3M
Moon Cresta [Schematics] [English]PDF2.0M
Moon Cresta [Service & Parts] [English]PDF3.5M
Moon Patrol [Drawing Set] [English]PDF784K
Moon Shuttle (Upright) [English]PDF4.3M
Mortal Kombat 3 [Operation] [English]PDF 13M
Mortal Kombat II [Operations] [English]PDF3.9M
Mortal Kombat [Operations] [English]PDF2.4M
MotorCross Go! [Amendment - Ins for Replacements] [English]PDF102K
Motorcross Go! (Deluxe) [Operator's] [English]PDF1.4M
Motorola M5000-155 (19in) & M7000-155 (23in) (Atari)(TM-124) [Service] [English]PDF2.1M
Motorola M5000-155 and M7000-155 [Schematic] [English]PDF162K
Motorola XM 501-10 (19in) & XM701-10 (23in) [Service] [English]PDF2.8M
Mouse Trap (1st Edition) [Operation & Service] [English]PDF592K
Mouse Trap (3rd Edition) [Operation & Service] [English]PDF5.0M
Mr. Do Run Run [Service] [English]PDF672K
Mr. Do! [Operation] [English]PDF656K
Mr. Do's Castle [Service] [English]PDF720K
Mr. Do's Wild Ride [Service] [English]PDF1.0M
Ms. Pac-Man [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF9.9M
Munch Mobile [Service] [English]PDF8.8M
Mustache Boy [English]PDF 44K
Mysterious Stones [Conv. Kit Installation Ins] [English]PDF1.2M
Mystic Marathon [Instructions] [English]PDF880K
Mystic Marathon [Parts Schematic] [English]PDF 38K
N-Sub [Service & Parts] [English]PDF832K
NARC [Service] [English]PDF 10M
NBA Hangtime [Kit] [English]PDF2.2M
NBA Showtime Gold Edition (NBA on NBC & NFL Blitz)(25in Dedicated) [Op] [English]PDF3.3M
NFL Football [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF960K
Namco Classic Collection Vol. 1 (Galaga-Xevious-Mappy) [Operation] [English]PDF400K
Namco Classic Collection Vol. 2 (Pac-Man-Rally-X-Dig Dug) [Operation] [English]PDF384K
Namco [Compressor Pressure Settings] [English]PDF 16K
Namco [Custom Chips] [English]PDF784K
Nanao MC2000S 19in Color Raster [Schematics] [English]PDF1.9M
Naomi GD-ROM [Service] [English]PDF1.1M
Nato Defense [Owner's] [English]PDF1.6M
Nato Defense [Quick Reference Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF 76K
Naughty Boy [Op & Maintenance] [English]PDF4.7M
Naughty Boy [Schematics] [English]PDF896K
Nemesis [Schematics] [English]PDF1.2M
Neo DriftOut [Japanese]PDF336K
Neo Turfmasters [Soft Dip] [English]PDF576K
NeoGeo 1 Slot MV-1 [Service] [English]PDF288K
NeoGeo 1 Slot MV-1A [Service] [English]PDF3.9M
NeoGeo 1 Slot MV-1B [User's] [English]PDF1.8M
NeoGeo 1 Slot MV-1C [User's] [English]PDF4.2M
NeoGeo 1 Slot MV-1FZ [Service] [English]PDF1.6M
NeoGeo 4 Slot MVS-4-25 [Operation] [English]PDF5.9M
NeoGeo MV1F [Service] [English]PDF5.2M
NeoGeo MV2F 4F [Service] [English]PDF2.1M
Neotec NT-2515C NT-25E 25in EGA-CGA Color Monitor [Service] [English]PDF1.5M
New York! New York! [Operation & Maintenance] [English]PDF2.5M
Next Space The [English]PDF 54K
Nibbler [Service & Parts] [English]PDF2.4M
Night Driver (TM-080 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF 10M
Night Driver [Rotation Sensor] [English]PDF 72K
Night Slasher [Pin & Dip] [English]PDF592K
Nightmare in the Dark (Over-Sea Version) [Soft Dip] [English]PDF624K
Ninja Assault (38in Booster) [Operator's] [English]PDF1.4M
Ninja Assault (Deluxe) [Operator's] [English]PDF1.2M
Ninja Assault (Standard) [Operator's] [English]PDF1.1M
Ninja Gaiden [English]PDF 86K
Nintendo Gun [Assembly Kit] [English]PDF576K
No Man's Land [Op & Maintenance] [English]PDF1.3M
Nostradamus [Service] [English]PDF1.3M
Nova 2001 [Dip-Wiring-Schem] [English]PDF2.1M
Off Road Thunder (27 & 39in) [Manual Amendment] [English]PDF 34K
Off Road Thunder (27in) [Operation] [English]PDF4.6M
Off Road Thunder (39in) [Manual Amendment] [English]PDF164K
Off Road Thunder (39in) [Operation] [English]PDF4.0M
Off Road Thunder (SB 01-21-2000) [Upgrade Bulletin] [English]PDF 42K
Off Road Thunder (SB 12-17-1999) [Dip Manual Ammendment Bulletin] [English]PDF 42K
Omega Race [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF 11M
Orbit (TM-127 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF 12M
Ordyne [Japanese]PDF256K
Oscar [Conversion Kit Install Ins] [English]PDF1.3M
Osman [Japanese]PDF528K
Outrun (Upright) [Owner's] [English]PDF3.7M
Outrun Turbo (Supplement) [New Parts & Replacements] [English]PDF124K
P-47 [Conv. Kit Instructions] [English]PDF1.4M
P.O.W. Prisoners of War [English]PDF576K
PGM System [User's] [English]PDF3.1M
Pac-Land [Preliminary Owner's & Op] [English]PDF448K
Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man - Troubleshooting Logic Board Part 1 [English]PDF480K
Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man - Troubleshooting Logic Board Part 2 [English]PDF3.2M
Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man to Pac-Man Plus Conversion Kit [English]PDF3.8M
Pac-Man (284 285 Cards) [Install for Replacement Pac-Man] [English]PDF8.0K
Pac-Man (Increase difficulty) [Ins. for Mod of Pac-Man] [English]PDF 24K
Pac-Man (Licenses May 1982) [List] [English]PDF384K
Pac-Man - Troubleshooting Logic Board Part 1 [English]PDF1.0M
Pac-Man Arcade Crossword [Quiz] [English]PDF240K
Pac-Man [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF5.7M
Pac-Mania (SP-315 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF1.5M
Pac-Mania (TM-315 1st Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF2.3M
Pace Car Pro [Instructions] [English]PDF6.5M
Paddle Battle [Parts & Wiring Catalog] [English]PDF3.4M
Pandora's Palace [Conversion Kit Ins] [English]PDF1.5M
Pandoras Palace [Schematics] [English]PDF2.1M
Pang 3 [Japanese]PDF416K
Pang [English]PDF 64K
Pang [Japanese]PDF352K
Panic Bomber [English]PDF1.4M
Panic Park [Operator's] [English]PDF1.8M
Paperboy (TM-275 1st Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF7.3M
Pengo [Owner's] [English]PDF2.5M
Pengo [Preliminary Owner's] [English]PDF188K
Pengo [Schematics] [English]PDF2.8M
Pepper II (1st Edition) [Operator's & Service] [English]PDF4.3M
Perfect Billiards [Instructions] [English]PDF272K
Philips CM8833 Color Monitor [Service] [English]PDF2.3M
Philips LVP 22VP932 [Service] [English]PDF 11M
Philips VP312-VP380 [Inst. & Op] [English]PDF2.8M
Philips VP380 [Service] (Incomplete) [English]PDF5.4M
Phillips LVP 22VP931 [Service] [English]PDF 17M
Phoenix [Service] [English]PDF944K
Phrase Craze Quik Kit [Instructions] [English]PDF156K
Pig Out [Service] [English]PDF1.2M
Pig Skin [Operator's] [English]PDF3.5M
Pin Pong (TM-007) [Operation & Maintenance] [English]PDF3.6M
Pinball Action [Service] [Japanese]PDF288K
Pioneer LD-1100 [Operating Instructions] [English]PDF1.0M
Pioneer LD-1100 [Supplement 1 Service] [English]PDF2.1M
Pioneer LD-V1000 [Interface Guide] [English]PDF1.7M
Pioneer LD-V1000 [Operating Instructions] [English]PDF384K
Pioneer LD-V1000 [Provisional Service] [English]PDF1.5M
Pioneer LD-V1000 [Service] [English]PDF3.4M
Pioneer PR-7820 [General Adjustment Procedures] [English]PDF960K
Pioneer PR-7820-1 PR7820-2 [Programming Reference Guide] [English]PDF1.4M
Pioneer PR-8210 [Operating Instructions] [English]PDF1.3M
Pioneer PR-8210 [Service Manual Supplement] [English]PDF240K
Pioneer PR-8210A [Service] [English]PDF5.0M
Pip and Bibis [Dip & Pin] [English]PDF528K
Piranha [Technical] [English]PDF816K
Pit & Run [Universal Conv. Kit] [English]PDF2.1M
Pitfall [Dip & Pin] [English]PDF138K
Play Choice 10 Kit (Arm Wrestling-Punch Out-Super Punch Out) [Ins & Op] [English]PDF384K
Play Choice 10 [Operation] [English]PDF1.3M
Playchoice 10 [Schematics] [English]PDF4.1M
Pleiades [Service] [English]PDF1.2M
Plotting [English]PDF 46K
Plus Alpha [English]PDF1.1M
Point Blank 2 [Amendment - Tech Bulletin] [English]PDF 40K
Point Blank 2 [Operator's] [English]PDF1.7M
Point Blank 3 [Connections & Test Routine] [English]PDF128K
Point Blank [Amendment - Gun Sight Setup] [English]PDF8.0K
Point Blank [Operator's] [English]PDF106K
Polaris [Schematics] [English]PDF1.2M
Polaris [Service & Parts] [English]PDF5.2M
Pole Position (31 Jan 83) [Tech Update] [English]PDF130K
Pole Position (CO-218-09 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Schem Supp.] [English]PDF384K
Pole Position (SP-218 5th Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF2.1M
Pole Position (SP-218 8th Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF8.3M
Pole Position (TM-218 4th Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Schem-Part] [English]PDF5.5M
Pole Position - Brake [Parts] [English]PDF288K
Pole Position II (CO-218-12 1st Printing) [Operator Information] [English]PDF3.0M
Pole Position [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF336K
Pong Doubles [Schematics] [English]PDF320K
Pong [Schematics] [English]PDF1.1M
Pool Shark (TM-083 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF9.7M
Pop Flamer [Conversion Kit] [English]PDF1.7M
Pop'n Pop [Instructions] [English]PDF1.1M
Popeye (2 PCB Type) [Operation] [English]PDF2.0M
Power Drift (Upright) [Owner's] [English]PDF2.1M
Powered Gear - Strategic Variant Armour Equipment [Japanese]PDF1.3M
Primal Rage [Operator's] [English]PDF5.7M
Pro Gear [English]PDF3.2M
Professor Pac-Man [Game Operation] [English]PDF1.9M
Professor Pac-Man [Parts & Operating] (only 10 pages) [English]PDF1.0M
Prop Cycle [Operator's] [English]PDF960K
Puckman [Dip & Schematics] [English]PDF368K
Pulsar [Owner's] [English]PDF3.1M
Pulstar [Soft Dip] [English]PDF288K
Punch Out! [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF128K
Punch-Out!! [Operation] [English]PDF1.9M
Punk Shot [Instructions] [English]PDF5.3M
Pursuit (TM-019) [Service Information] [English]PDF7.8M
Puyo Puyo Sun [Japanese]PDF384K
Puzzle Fighter [Operator's] [English]PDF5.4M
Q-Bert (11x17) [Schematics] [English]PDF3.4M
Q-Bert (Scan 1) [Instructions] [English]PDF3.1M
Q-Bert (Scan 2) [Instructions] [English]PDF3.1M
Q-Bert - Power Supply [Diagram & Schematic] [English]PDF256K
Q-Bert - Sound [Parts & Schematic] [English]PDF416K
Q-Bert Qubes (11x17) [Schematics] [English]PDF2.2M
Q-Bert Qubes [Instructions] [English]PDF2.6M
Q-bert Troubleshooting [English]PDF 18K
Qix [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF5.5M
Quantum (CO-221-01 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Schem Supplement] [English]PDF400K
Quantum (SP-221 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF1.5M
Quantum (TM-221 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF4.2M
Quantum PCB (600dpi) [Schematics] [English]PDF304K
Quantum [Tips] [English]PDF 46K
Quarter Horse [Owner's Manual Schematics] [English]PDF640K
Quarterback [Service] [English]PDF3.6M
Quarterhorse [Owner's] [English]PDF1.0M
Quartet 2 [Conversion Kit Ins] [English]PDF1.2M
Quartet [Owner's] [English]PDF1.8M
Quasar [Technical] [English]PDF3.6M
Quick & Crash [Operator's] [English]PDF1.9M
Quick & Crash [Technical Bulletin] [English]PDF 94K
Quiz & Dragons (Quiz Game) [Instructions] [English]PDF304K
Quiz Nanairo Dreams [Japanese]PDF640K
Quiz Show (TM-060) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF 10M
Qwak (TM-008) [Op-Maintenance] [English]PDF3.0M
R-Type (Upright)(Nintendo) [Operation] [English]PDF3.2M
RCA SJT 400 [Addemdum Service Data] [English]PDF 74K
RCA SJT 400 [Basic Service Data] [English]PDF6.6M
RGB100Q [Schematics] [English]PDF384K
Rabbit Punch [Uni. Field Conv. Kit] [English]PDF7.9M
Race Drivin' (mamp600) [Schematics] [English]PDF832K
Race On! [Operator's] [English]PDF2.4M
Race [Service] [English]PDF1.5M
Radar Scope [Schematics] [English]PDF3.4M
Radiant Silvergun [Japanese]PDF1.2M
Radical Radial [Conv. Kit Instructions] [English]PDF928K
Rage of the Dragons [Soft Dip] [English]PDF800K
Raiden 2 [Operator's] [Japanese]PDF544K
Raiden DX [Operator's] [Japanese]PDF1.5M
Raiden Fighters 2 [Japanese]PDF2.2M
Raiden Fighters Jet [Operator's] [English]PDF624K
Raiden Fighters Jet [Operator's] [Japanese]PDF2.9M
Raiden Fighters [Operator's] [English]PDF2.0M
Raiden [English]PDF 70K
Raiden [Service] [Japanese]PDF608K
Rally Bike [English]PDF400K
Rally X [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF6.6M
Rambo III [English]PDF2.2M
Rampage (3 Player Upright) [English]PDF5.5M
Rampart [Operator's & Schematics] [English]PDF3.5M
Rapid River [Operator's] [English]PDF1.3M
Rastan Saga [English]PDF 38K
Rastan [Instructions] [English]PDF304K
Reactor [Instructions] [English]PDF3.0M
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 [Japanese]PDF384K
Rebound [Computer Service] [English]PDF9.1M
Red Alert [Install-Op-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF 11M
Red Baron (DP-169 Upright 1st Printing) [Drawing Package] (Sheet 2 Missing) [English]PDF1.6M
Red Baron (DP-171 Sitdown 1st Printing) [Schematics] (Sheet 1 & 3 Missing) [English]PDF720K
Relief Pitcher (CO-376-02 1st Printing) [Supplement] [English]PDF104K
Relief Pitcher (TM-376 1st Printing) [Kit Installation] [English]PDF3.1M
Repulse - The Last War [Japanese]PDF640K
Ridge Racer (Upright) [Operator's] [English]PDF126K
Ridge Racer 2 (Update 1) [Technical Bulletin] [English]PDF 14K
Ridge Racer 2 [Operator's] [English]PDF272K
Ridge Racer V (Updates 1 & 2) [Operator's Update] [English]PDF 98K
Ridge Racer V [Operator's] [English]PDF1.6M
Ridge Racer [Operator's] [English]PDF224K
Ring King [Service & Operation] [English]PDF1.4M
Rip Cord [English]PDF3.5M
Rip Off [Operation & Maintenance] [English]PDF5.7M
Road Blaster (SP-298 1st printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF2.0M
Road Blaster [Tech Tip] [English]PDF304K
Road Blasters (CO-298 Steering) [Assembly & Maint.] [English]PDF384K
Road Fighter [Operator's] [English]PDF736K
Road Riot 4WD (TM-273 2nd Printing) [Uni. Conv. Kit Installation Ins] [English]PDF5.8M
Road Runner (TM-285 1st Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF3.9M
Robby Roto [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF 14M
Robocop [Installation & Service] [English]PDF640K
Robot Bowl [Service] [English]PDF2.9M
Robotron (Mar 82) [Instructions] [English]PDF 98K
Robotron (May 82) [Instructions] [English]PDF336K
Robotron [Drawing Set] [English]PDF1.4M
Roc'N Rope [Conv. Kit Ins] [English]PDF2.5M
Roller Jammer [Service] [English]PDF3.9M
Rolling Thunder (SP-300 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF736K
Rolling Thunder (TM-300 1st Printing) [Operator's] [English]PDF3.4M
Rolling Thunder 2 [Japanese]PDF240K
Round Up [Schematics] [English]PDF864K
Route 16 [Service] [English]PDF4.1M
Rug Rats [Instructions] [English]PDF2.3M
Rug Rats [Schematics] [English]PDF1.0M
Rygar [Service Instructions] [English]PDF848K