Manuals: Arcade Manuals (A-J).

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Ace Driver (Deluxe) [Installation & Commissioning] [English]PDF416K
Ace Driver (Deluxe) [Operator's] [English]PDF2.1M
Aeroboto [Instruction] [English]PDF576K
After Burner [Owner's] [English]PDF2.1M
After Burner [Schematics] [English]PDF2.1M
Airbuster [English]PDF132K
Ajax [English]PDF1.6M
Alien Vs. Predator [English]PDF480K
Aliens [Operator's] [Japanese]PDF1.2M
All American Football [Service] [English]PDF2.7M
Alley Rally [Schematics] [English]PDF3.1M
Alpine Racer (46in) [Operator's] [English]PDF704K
Alpine Racer (52in) [Operator's] [English]PDF720K
Alpine Racer 2 [Operator's] [English]PDF624K
Alpine Ski [English]PDF9.3M
American Laser Games [Op & Service] [English]PDF2.4M
Amidar [English]PDF496K
Amidar [Schematics] [English]PDF368K
Amplifone (About Manufacture) [English]PDF8.8M
Amplifone 13in Color XY (Atari)(TM-222 1st Printing) [Serv-Schem-Parts] [English]PDF2.6M
Amplifone 19in and 25in Color XY (Atari)(TM-239 1st Printing) [Serv-Schem-Parts] [English]PDF2.7M
Amplifone 19in and 25in Raster (Atari)(TM-254 1st Printing) [Serv-Schem-Parts] [English]PDF3.4M
Amplifone Waveforms Hi Voltage PCB [Schematics] [English]PDF288K
Anti Aircraft (TM-025) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF7.9M
Apache 3 [Installation-Serv-Schem] [English]PDF3.2M
Aqua Jet (Amendment) [Rosta Spring Shaft Replacement Ins] [English]PDF108K
Aqua Jet [Operator's] [English]PDF832K
Arabian (SP-237 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF1.6M
Arabian (TG-237 1st Printing) [Troubleshooting] [English]PDF608K
Arabian (TM-237 1st Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF3.9M
Arachnid SB31-8U-V 12in Monochrome Monitor [Service] [English]PDF976K
Arch Rivals [Kit Installation & Operation] [English]PDF3.3M
Arch Rivals [Schematics] [English]PDF3.5M
Arkanoid 2 - Revenge Of DOH [Instructions] [English]PDF4.8M
Arkanoid [Instructions] [English]PDF1.6M
Armed Police (Batrider Addon) [Japanese]PDF848K
Armed Police Batrider [Operator's] [English]PDF400K
Armed-F [English]PDF 62K
Artic Thunder 27in [Operation] [English]PDF4.8M
Artic Thunder 39in [Operation] [English]PDF5.2M
Assault [Japanese]PDF224K
Asterix [Operator's] [English]PDF688K
Asteroids (Caberat DP-143 3rd Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF1.4M
Asteroids (Caberat DP-143 7th Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF1.5M
Asteroids (Cocktail TM-150 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF1.0M
Asteroids (DP-143 7th Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF2.5M
Asteroids (TM-143 2nd Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF3.0M
Asteroids (TM-143 3rd Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF2.7M
Asteroids Deluxe (Caberat DP-173 1st Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF1.3M
Asteroids Deluxe (Caberat TM-173 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF3.4M
Asteroids Deluxe (DP-165 1st Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF1.7M
Asteroids Deluxe (DP-165 2nd Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF1.3M
Asteroids Deluxe (TM-165 2nd Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF2.8M
Asteroids Deluxe [Rom Update] [English]PDF126K
Asteroids Deluxe [Signature Analysis Guide] [English]PDF 24K
Asteroids Deluxe [Vector Info. Schematics] [English]PDF496K
Asteroids [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF224K
Asteroids [Bulletin Feb 1980] [English]PDF 32K
Asteroids [Tech Tip - Rom Change Info] [English]PDF 40K
Astro Blaster [Owner's] [English]PDF3.7M
Astro Invader [Service] [English]PDF2.8M
Astron Belt (Demodulator Board) [Service Bulletin] [English]PDF 70K
Astron Belt [English]PDF 62K
Astron Belt [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF1.2M
Astron Belt [Schematics] [English]PDF752K
Astron Belt [Service Bulletins] [English]PDF180K
Astron Belt to Galaxy Ranger [Instructions] [English]PDF 44K
Atari Audio PCB Assembly (Reg 3) [Parts & Schematics] [English]PDF336K
Atari System 1 SP-277 1st Printing [Schematic Package] [English]PDF1.3M
Atari System1 (TM-277 1st Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF2.6M
Atari System1 (TM-286 1st printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF3.2M
Atari The Book [Guide to Electronic Game Operation & Servicing] [English]PDF 14M
Ataxx Addendum [Owner's] [English]PDF1.1M
Atomic Robo Kid [Conv. Instructions] [English]PDF1.6M
Atomic Robo Kid [Op-Dipswitch-Schem] [English]PDF1.6M
Attack [Service] [English]PDF3.8M
Avalanche (TM-096 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF 15M
Avengers [Instructions] [English]PDF560K
Avus 2 [Service] [English]PDF5.3M
Aztarac [Schematics] [English]PDF2.0M
Aztarac [Service] [English]PDF3.0M
Back Street Soccer [English]PDF 38K
Bad Dudes Upright [Operation & Service] [English]PDF464K
Badlands (Universal Kit TM-344 2rd Printing) [Installation Ins] [English]PDF5.7M
Badlands [English]PDF184K
Badlands [Schematics] [English]PDF848K
Bagman [Schematics] [English]PDF1.1M
Bally-Midways General Info. & Trouble Shooting Monitors Part 1 [English]PDF8.1M
Bandido [Operator's] [English]PDF5.2M
Bank Panic [Dip & Pin] [English]PDF 72K
Baseball TM-135 1st Printing [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF9.1M
Basketball TM-137 1st Printing [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF8.0M
Batsugun [Japanese]PDF464K
Battle Arena 2 Toshinden [Operator's] [English]PDF1.3M
Battle Bakraid [Operator's] [English]PDF1.9M
Battle Circuit [Japanese]PDF1.4M
Battle Garegga [Operator's] [Japanese]PDF560K
Battle Wings [Installation Instructions] [English]PDF6.3M
Battlezone (Caberat TM-166) [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF368K
Battlezone (DP-156 2nd Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF2.3M
Battlezone (Engineering) [Schematics] [English]PDF5.8M
Battlezone (TM-156 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF3.6M
Battlezone Caberat (TM-166 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF4.6M
Battlezone [Conversion] [English]PDF224K
Bazooka [Schematics] [English]PDF2.5M
Beezer [Dipswitch & Schematics] [English]PDF3.3M
Bega Battle [Instructions] [English]PDF464K
Bega Battle [Schematics] [English]PDF1.0M
Berzerk [English]PDF1.5M
Bio Hazard - Gun Survivor 2 [Operator's] [English]PDF1.5M
Bionic Commando [Instructions] [English]PDF3.0M
Biplane [Instructions] [English]PDF6.2M
Birdie King 2 [Schematics & Wiring] [English]PDF1.2M
Black Tiger [English]PDF 96K
Black Tiger [Instructions] [English]PDF3.1M
Black Widow (SP-234 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF3.2M
Black Widow (TM-234 1st Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF7.3M
Black Widow [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF240K
Blades Of Steel [English]PDF448K
Blaster [Service] [English]PDF 13M
Blasteroids (SP-316 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF1.5M
Blockout [Game Conv. Kit] [English]PDF400K
Blue Shark [Parts Catalog] [English]PDF2.5M
Blueprint [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF7.8M
Boardwalk Casino [Conversion Kit] [English]PDF336K
Bomberman [Japanese]PDF1.0M
Bombjack - Manual Kitco [Instructions] [English]PDF110K
Bombjack - Manual Tehkan [Service] [Japanese]PDF512K
Bombjack - [Schematics] (600dpi) [English]PDF512K
Bombjack [English]PDF 50K
Bongo Monkey [Operator's] [English]PDF162K
Bonze Adventure [English]PDF 38K
Borderline [Owner's] [English]PDF4.5M
Bosconian [Schematics] [English]PDF1.0M
Bottom Of The Ninth [Instructions] [English]PDF1.2M
Boxing Bugs [English]PDF7.1M
BraveBlade [Japanese]PDF2.6M
Breakout [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF8.4M
Bubble Bobble [Instructions] [English]PDF624K
Bubble Bobble [Schematics] [English]PDF4.1M
Bubbles [Drawing Set] [English]PDF2.6M
Bubbles [Instructions] [English]PDF2.3M
Buck Rogers [Owner's] [English]PDF 11M
Buggy Challenge [Schematics] [English]PDF3.7M
CPS3 (Capcom Games) [Japanese]PDF4.4M
Cadillacs And Dinosaurs [English]PDF672K
Captain America And The Avengers [Owner's] [English]PDF896K
Captain Commando [English]PDF272K
Captain Tomaday [Soft Dip] [English]PDF288K
Carrier Airwing [Kit Instructions] [English]PDF704K
Cart Fury (Dedicated 27in And 39in) [Manual Amendment] [English]PDF 34K
Cart Fury (Dedicated 27in) [Manual Amendment] [English]PDF416K
Cat And Mouse [Technical] [English]PDF2.3M
Caveman Ninja [English]PDF 10K
Centipede (DP-182 1st Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF1.2M
Centipede (DP-182 5th Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF1.1M
Centipede (TM-192) [Signature Analysis Guide] [English]PDF184K
Centipede [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF512K
Centipede [High Score Schematics] [English]PDF154K
Centipede [News - Receives UL Approval] [English]PDF 86K
Centipede [Trackball Tip] [English]PDF 58K
Challenger [Service] [English]PDF8.9M
Champion Baseball [Option Switch Settings] [English]PDF 20K
Championship Baseball 2 [Schematics] [English]PDF304K
Championship Baseball [Schematics] [English]PDF672K
Championship Sprint (TM-192 1st Printing) [Op & Parts] [English]PDF6.6M
Change Lanes [Upright Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF6.3M
Cheeky Mouse [Schematics] [English]PDF512K
Cheyenne [First Edition Operator's & Serv] [English]PDF6.6M
Choplifter [Ins For Horizontal Monitor] [English]PDF400K
Chou Power Supply [Schematic] [English]PDF 56K
Chukataisen [English]PDF 36K
Cinematronics - Lasertube Bulletin [English]PDF110K
Cinematronics [4 Service Bulletins] [English]PDF336K
Cinematronics [Application Programming Manual] [English]PDF4.5M
Circus Charlie [Service] [English]PDF1.9M
Cliff Hanger [Addendum] [English]PDF108K
Cliff Hanger [English]PDF480K
Cliff Hanger [Manual Rev. 3] [English]PDF2.9M
Cliff Hanger [Schematics] [English]PDF224K
Cliff Hanger to Cobra Command [Conversion Kit] [English]PDF640K
Cliff Hanger to Goal to Go [Conv. Kit Installation & Ops] [English]PDF106K
Cloak & Dagger (ST-242) [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF 94K
Cloak And Dagger (TM-242 1st Printing) [Op & Parts] [English]PDF3.6M
Cobra Command Conversion for Begas Battle [Installation Instructions] [English]PDF544K
Cobra Command Conversion for Inter Stellar [Installation Instructions] [English]PDF256K
Cobra Command [Operator's] [English]PDF168K
Colony 7 [Upright] [English]PDF2.7M
Combatribes [Instructions] [English]PDF2.0M
Commando [Instructions] [English]PDF1.7M
Computer Space [Instructions] [English]PDF 10M
Condor [Operator's] [Italian]PDF2.5M
Congo Bongo (page 177) [Schematic] [English]PDF240K
Congo Bongo (page 179) [Schematic] [English]PDF320K
Congo Bongo [Owner's] [English]PDF 21M
Congorilla [English]PDF224K
Continental Circus [Schematics] [English]PDF5.2M
Contra [English]PDF528K
Contra [Schematics] [English]PDF640K
Cop N' Robbers (TM-059 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF 10M
Cops [Operator's] [English]PDF1.3M
Cops [Schematics] [English]PDF144K
Cosmic Alien [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF3.9M
Cosmic Avenger [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF6.3M
Cosmic Chasm [Electronics] [English]PDF 11M
Cosmic Guerilla [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF3.1M
Cowboys of Moo Mesa [Instructions] [English]PDF720K
Crash 'N Score (TM-048) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF 13M
Crash [English]PDF3.7M
Crazy Balloon [Service Ins & Parts] [English]PDF9.3M
Crazy Castles [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF416K
Crazy Climber (Nichibutsu) [Service Ins.] [English]PDF1.4M
Crazy Climber (Taito) [Upright] [English]PDF3.9M
Crazy Climber 2 (Nichibutsu) [Service Ins.] [Japanese]PDF592K
Crazy Kong [Dip & Pin] [English]PDF272K
Crazy Kong [Schematics] [English]PDF3.3M
Crime Fighters [Instructions] [English]PDF3.1M
Crisis Zone (Deluxe Updates 1 & 2) [Modification] [English]PDF 66K
Crisis Zone (Standard Update 1) [Modification] [English]PDF 32K
Crisis Zone Deluxe [Operator's] [English]PDF2.4M
Crisis Zone Standard [Operator's] [English]PDF2.4M
Crossbow (Ver. 2) [Op & Service] [English]PDF7.7M
Crown Golf [English]PDF544K
Cruis'n Exocita (SB 04-17-2000) [Bulletin] [English]PDF 40K
Cruis'n Exotica (27in) [Operations] [English]PDF5.1M
Cruis'n Exotica (39in Grounding) [Manual Amendment] [English]PDF528K
Cruis'n Exotica (39in Motion Seat) [Manual Amendment] [English]PDF608K
Cruis'n Exotica (39in Motion Seat) [Operations] [English]PDF6.5M
Cruis'n Exotica (39in) [Operations] [English]PDF4.7M
Cruis'n Exotica (Linking) [Manual Amendment] [English]PDF1.0M
Cruis'n Exotica Conversion Kit [Installation Instructions] [English]PDF3.5M
Cruis'n Exotica [Parts Order Form] [English]PDF 34K
Cruis'n Exotica [Pricing Table] [English]PDF528K
Cruis'n USA (Single Sitdown) [Preliminary] [English]PDF2.2M
Cruisin (Kitcorp) [English]PDF1.6M
Crystal Castles (SP-241 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF1.6M
Crystal Castles (TM-241 2nd Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF5.9M
Crystal Castles [Trackball Maintenance] [English]PDF304K
Cube Quest [Operation & Service] [English]PDF368K
Cube Quest [Schematics] [English]PDF2.7M
Curve Ball (Conversion Kit for Q-Bert Krull & Mad Planets) [Installation] [English]PDF560K
Cyber Cycles Deluxe [Operator's] [English]PDF528K
Cyber Cycles Standard [Operator's] [English]PDF544K
Cyberball 2072 (TM-339 1st Printing) [Uni Kit Installation] [English]PDF8.3M
Cyberbots - Full Metal Madness [Japanese]PDF560K
Cybersled [Adjustments] [English]PDF 26K
Cybersled [Operator's] [English]PDF480K
Cyvern - The Dragon Weapons [Operation] [Japanese]PDF1.1M
D9200 Troubleshooting IT [English]PDF 48K
D9200 Troubleshooting [English]PDF 54K
DMC-2090D-2A [Schematics] [English]PDF288K
DOT - Lamp Sequencer [Schematic & Parts] [English]PDF720K
Daimakaimura [Japanese]PDF528K
Dambusters [Technical] [English]PDF2.0M
Danger Zone [Service] [English]PDF3.2M
Dangun Feveron [Japanese]PDF640K
Dark Adventure [English]PDF2.6M
Dark Planet [Installation & Operation] [English]PDF2.6M
Dark Stalkers [English]PDF448K
Dataeast Kits [English]PDF384K
Death Race [Service] [English]PDF5.5M
Deco Cassette [DN Series 1US5 Shop] [English]PDF7.4M
Defender [Early Series Setup Booklet] [English]PDF 62K
Defender [Later Series Setup Booklet] [English]PDF 62K
Defender [Theory of Operation - Early PCB's] [English]PDF1.9M
Defender [Theory of Operation - Later PCB's] [English]PDF3.3M
Demolition Derby [Schematics] [English]PDF784K
Depth Charge [Owner's] [English]PDF4.3M
Desert Gun [Part's Catalogue] [English]PDF4.3M
Desert Patrol [Schematics] [English]PDF2.6M
Desert War [Japanese]PDF592K
Destroyer (TM-108 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF8.4M
Devastators [Instruction] [English]PDF1.4M
Devil Zone [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF5.6M
Dig Dig SP-203 2nd Printing [Schematic Package] [English]PDF1.2M
Dig Dug (TM-203 2nd Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF2.4M
Dig Dug SP-203 1st Printing [Schematic Package] [English]PDF1.0M
Dig Dug [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF256K
Digger [Owner's] [English]PDF 15M
Digital Games 474 [Cocktail Table Game] [English]PDF2.1M
Dino Dash [Owner's & Service] [English]PDF384K
Disco 19in Raster (Atari)(TM-210 1st Printing) [Serv-Schem-Parts] [English]PDF3.2M
Discs of Tron Enviromental [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF3.0M
Dodonpachi 2 [Japanese]PDF256K
Dodonpachi [Japanese]PDF272K
Dogyuun [Japanese]PDF1.4M
Dominos (TM-089 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF8.1M
Donkey Kong (TKG-2-UP) [Operation] [English]PDF816K
Donkey Kong (TKG-3-UP) [Operation] [English]PDF784K
Donkey Kong (TKG-3-TBL) [Operation] [English]PDF15M
Donkey Kong (TKG-4-UP 2PCB Type) [Operation] [English]PDF1.4M
Donkey Kong 3 (DK & JR + Popeye) [Nintendo Pak Installation & Op] [English]PDF1.8M
Donkey Kong JR (DJR1-18T 2PCB Type) [Operation] [English]PDF528K
Donkey Kong JR (DJR1-UP 2PCB Type) [Operation] [English]PDF1.5M
Donkey Kong JR [Schematics] (600dpi) [English]PDF752K
Donkey Kong Jr. [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF112K
Donkey Kong [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF116K
Donpachi [Dip & Pin] [English]PDF240K
Double Dragon II [English]PDF 10K
Double Dragon [Operating] [English]PDF272K
Double Dribble [Schematics] [English]PDF576K
Downhill Biker [Operator's] [English]PDF1.9M
Drag Race (TM-061 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF 10M
Dragon Blaze [Operator's] [Japanese]PDF2.6M
Dragon Breed [Owner's] [English]PDF2.7M
Dragon Buster [Dip & Pin] [English]PDF464K
Dragon Ninja [Dip & Pin] [English]PDF784K
Dragon Saber (System II) [Japanese]PDF320K
Dragon's Lair & Space Ace [Ops & Maintenance] [English]PDF928K
Dragon's Lair 2 Euro [Preliminary Owner's] [English]PDF1.8M
Dragon's Lair 2 [Owner's] [English]PDF512K
Dragon's Lair 2 to American Laser Games [Ins for Conversion] [English]PDF624K
Dragon's Lair CO-256-03 Euro [Preliminary] [English]PDF1.4M
Dragon's Lair CO-256-07 Euro [Preliminary] [English]PDF2.0M
Dragon's Lair [Ops & Maintenance] [English]PDF2.4M
Dragon's Lair to Space Ace [Conversion Kit #2] [English]PDF272K
Dragon's Lair to Space Ace [Conversion Kit] [English]PDF142K
Dragons Lair 2 [Owner's Manual Schematics] [English]PDF640K
Dragons Lair [Italian]PDF1.3M
Dragons Lair [Schematics] [English]PDF1.0M
Dribbling [Service Ins & Parts] [English]PDF1.1M
Driving Force Conversion [Series 2 Expansion Board] [English]PDF352K
Dungeons & Dragons - Tower of Doom [English]PDF1.2M
Dunk Dream 95 [Instructions] [Japanese]PDF528K
Dynamite Deka [Japanese]PDF896K
Dynasty Wars [Kit Instruction] [English]PDF800K
ESWAT [Installation & Owner's] [English]PDF1.2M
Eagle [Reference] [English]PDF1.9M
Eco Fighters [English]PDF480K
Electrohome G02 Data Monitor Chassis [English]PDF3.5M
Electrohome G05 Monochrome XY (Atari) (Issue 2 TM-146) [Ins. & Serv] [English]PDF4.0M
Electrohome G05-801 Monochrome XY (Atari)(Issue 1 TM-146) [Ins. & Serv] [English]PDF3.5M
Electrohome G05-802 G05-805 Monochrome XY (Atari)(Issue 2 TM-151) [Ins. & Serv] [English]PDF2.6M
Electrohome G05-802 G05-805 Monochrome XY (Atari)(Issue 3 TM-151) [Ins. & Serv] [English]PDF2.4M
Electrohome G07 13in & 19in Color Raster [Service & Ops] [English]PDF2.4M
Electrohome G07-901 RGB Monitor [Ins. & Serv] [English]PDF1.6M
Electrohome G08 Color XY Monitor [Service] [English]PDF3.1M
Electrohome G80 [Schematics] [English]PDF352K
Electrohome V17 [Schem. & Part] [English]PDF304K
Elevator Action (Upright) [English]PDF3.5M
Eliminator [Owner's] [English]PDF2.1M
Empire City 1931 [Instructions] [English]PDF752K
Enigma II [English]PDF1.9M
Esprade [Japanese]PDF672K
Eurochamp 92 [English]PDF800K
Exerion [Universal Conv. Kit] [English]PDF768K
Express Raider [Schematics] [English]PDF3.9M
Exterminator [Instructions] [English]PDF9.9M
Extreme Downhill [Japanese]PDF416K
Eyes [Schematics] [English]PDF304K
Eyes [Service & Parts] [English]PDF1.1M
Eygo chassis Replacement for G07 [English]PDF1.6M
F-1 Dream [English]PDF 50K
F-15 [Schematics] [English]PDF 11M
F1 Dream [English]PDF166K
F1 Grand Prix [Operator's] [Japanese]PDF1.2M
FAQ - Black and White XY (Version 1.1 dated 7 Feb 02) [English]PDF192K
FAQ - CRT Cross Reference Compatibility Chart [English]PDF3.4M
FAQ - Electrohome G08 (Version 0.8 dated 25 Feb 20) [English]PDF304K
FAQ - The secret Life of XY Monitors (Jed Margolin) [English]PDF1.2M
FAQ - Wells Gardner 6100 (Version 1.0 dated 1 Mar 02) [English]PDF272K
FCC (Nintendo) [English]PDF 20K
Fantasy [Schematics] [English]PDF416K
Fast Freddie (SP-208 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF4.5M
Fast Freddie (TM-208 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Part] [English]PDF7.0M
Field Goal [Service & Parts] [English]PDF2.3M
Fighters History [Installation & Service] [English]PDF400K
Final Blow [Schematics] [English]PDF1.5M
Final Fight [Kit Instruction] [English]PDF720K
Final Furlong 2 [Conversion Instructions] [English]PDF384K
Final Furlong [Operator's] [English]PDF1.4M
Final Lap (TM-325 1st Printing) [Op-Part-Schem] [English]PDF4.3M
Final Round [Schematics] [English]PDF1.4M
Final Starforce [Service] [Japanese]PDF178K
Fire One [Technical] [English]PDF3.9M
Fire Truck (TM-115 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Part] [English]PDF 18M
Firefox (Apr 84) [Bulletin - Updates] [English]PDF 92K
Firefox (Mar 84) [Bulletin - Modification] [English]PDF368K
Firefox (TM-253 1st Printing) [Operator's & Parts] (missing sitdown info) [English]PDF2.8M
Firefox (TM-253 2nd Printing Vol 1) [Operator's] [English]PDF6.5M
Firefox (TM-253 2nd Printing Vol 2) [Parts List] [English]PDF5.5M
Firefox SP-253 2nd Printing [Operator's] [English]PDF2.1M
Fixeight [Setup Ins. Dip & Pin] [English]PDF672K
Flyball (TM-075 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF 11M
Flying Fortress [Operator's] [English]PDF8.6M
Fonz [Operation & Service Info] [English]PDF1.3M
Food Fight (SP-229 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] (tagged) [English]PDF1.8M
Food Fight (TM-229 2nd Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF3.3M
Food Fight [Errors - Self Test Procedures] [English]PDF304K
Football (4 Player)(DP-139 1st Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF1.3M
Football (Atari)(TM-126 2nd Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF 14M
Football Champ [Gameplay Ins. Dip & Pin] [English]PDF800K
Forgotten Worlds [Instructions] [English]PDF992K
Free Kick [Installation & Op] [English]PDF816K
Freedom Fighter (1st Edition) [Operation & Service] [English]PDF512K
Freedom Fighter [Schematics] [English]PDF736K
Frenzy [English]PDF2.2M
Frisky Tom [Schematics] [English]PDF960K
Frisky Tom [Service Instruction] [English]PDF4.4M
Frogger [Owner's] [English]PDF3.0M
Frogger [Schematics] [English]PDF2.2M
Front Line [Dip] [English]PDF 76K
Frontline (Upright) [English]PDF2.6M
Future Flash [Service] [English]PDF3.3M
G80 [Schematics] [English]PDF3.0M
Galaga 3 [Conversion Kit] [English]PDF1.1M
Galaga 3 [Generic Conversion Kit] [English]PDF1.1M
Galaga 88 (TM-319 1st Printing) [Operator's & Schem] [English]PDF2.2M
Galaga [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF9.7M
Galaxian - Troubleshooting Logic Board Part 1 [English]PDF848K
Galaxian - Troubleshooting Logic Board Part 2 [English]PDF1.6M
Galaxian [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF1.7M
Galaxy Force [Schematics] [English]PDF2.8M
Galaxy Ranger [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF1.1M
Galaxy Ranger [Schematics] [English]PDF816K
Gallop Racer 2 [Service] [Japanese]PDF800K
Gals Panic 2 [Operation] [English]PDF1.0M
Gaplus [Preliminary Owner's] [English]PDF2.1M
Gator Panic [Operator's] [English]PDF1.2M
Gauntlet (SP-284 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF2.0M
Gauntlet (ST-284 1st Printing) [Backdoor Sheet] [English]PDF144K
Gauntlet (TM-284 1st Printing 11x17 side1) [Op & Parts] [English]PDF2.5M
Gauntlet (TM-284 1st Printing 11x17 side2) [Op & Parts] [English]PDF1.9M
Gauntlet - Dark Legacy (27in) [Operator's] [English]PDF4.3M
Gauntlet - Dark Legacy (39in) [Operator's] [English]PDF4.4M
Gauntlet - Dark Legacy [Universal Conversion Kit] [English]PDF3.1M
Gauntlet - Dark Legacy [Upgrade Kit for 27 & 39in] [English]PDF704K
Gauntlet Legends (27in) [Operation] [English]PDF2.7M
Gauntlet [Player Tips] [English]PDF320K
Gee Bee [Owner's] [English]PDF6.8M
Gekirindan [Instructions] [Japanese]PDF1.4M
Gemini Wing [English]PDF 78K
Ghost-N-Goblins [Instructions] [English]PDF912K
Gladiator [Instructions] [English]PDF368K
Goal to Go [Installation & Operation] [English]PDF544K
Godzilla Wars [Operator's] [English]PDF156K
Gokujyo Parodius [Japanese]PDF1.5M
Golden Tee 97 [Installation] [English]PDF5.1M
Golden Tee 99-2K (Classic) [Operation] [English]PDF752K
Goldstar MBM-2105 Monochrome [Service] [English]PDF1.3M
Gondomania [Operation & Service] [English]PDF3.4M
Gorf [Parts & Operating] [English]PDF2.9M
Got-Ya [Owner's] [English]PDF1.8M
Gotcha [Schematics] [English]PDF512K
Gottlieb [Technical Seminar Workbook] [English]PDF3.3M
Gran Trak 10 (TM-011) [Operating & Maint] [English]PDF 12M
Gran Trak 20 (TM-004) [Operating & Maint] [English]PDF4.1M
Grand Champion (Upright) [English]PDF 12M
Gravitar (SP-206 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF3.5M
Gravitar (TM-206 1st Printing) [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF3.8M
Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 [Operation] [Japanese]PDF 12M
Great Guns (Rev. B) [Install & Operation] [English]PDF7.0M
Great Sluggers [Operator's] [English]PDF2.5M
Green Beret [Operator's] [Japanese]PDF1.6M
Green Beret [Schematics] [English]PDF224K
Guerrilla War [Instructions] [English]PDF640K
Gulf Storm [Service] [Japanese]PDF1.6M
Gun Fight [Parts Catalog] [English]PDF1.8M
Gun Smoke [English]PDF110K
Gun Survivor 2 [Operator's] [English]PDF1.5M
GunMen Wars [Operator's] [English]PDF1.9M
Gunfight [Schematics] [English]PDF2.7M
Gunsmoke [Instructions] [English]PDF2.5M
Guwange [Japanese]PDF192K
Guzzler [Dip-Schem-Parts] [English]PDF2.8M
Gyruss Conversion Kit [Instructions] [English]PDF2.0M
Gyruss [Service] [English]PDF1.1M
Hammerhead [Owner's & Service] [English]PDF368K
Hang On [Schematics] [English]PDF2.3M
Hantarax Power Supply US250-300 [Schematic] [English]PDF 82K
Hantarex MTC9000 (14-16-20in) [Service] [English]PDF4.8M
Hantarex MTC9000 Open Frame Color [English]PDF1.8M
Hantarex MTC900E (19in Color) [Service] [English]PDF3.1M
Hantarex Polo Monitors [Service] [English]PDF3.4M
Hantraex MTC9110 (25in and 28in Color Monitor) [Service] [English]PDF2.7M
Happ Controls KJ-XX15 (13in &19in Color Raster) [Service & Ops] [English]PDF896K
Happ Controls SE-M21C XX (13in or 19in Color Raster) [Service & Ops] [English]PDF416K
Hard Drivin' (SP-327 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF2.0M
Hard Drivin' [Christmas Card] [English]PDF304K
Harley Davidson (STD Type) [Owner's] [English]PDF3.4M
Hatris [Operator's] [English]PDF768K
Haunted Castle [Instructions] [English]PDF1.3M
Haxtrax Polo [Schem. & Part] [English]PDF1.5M
Heavy Barrel (Upright) [Service & Op] [English]PDF1.6M
Heavy Barrel 2 Player [Conversion Kit] [English]PDF928K
Helifire (Nintendo) [Operation] [English]PDF896K
Highway (TM-028) [Service Info] [English]PDF3.9M
Hippodrome [Install-Serv-Conversion Kit] [English]PDF2.3M
Hit Me [Operator's] [English]PDF4.7M
Hit Me [Schematics] [English]PDF2.7M
Hit the Ice [English]PDF224K
Hit the Ice [Operator's] [English]PDF1.4M
Hitachi VIP9550 [Instructions] [English]PDF784K
Hoccer [Schematics] [English]PDF1.1M
HotRod [Schematics] [English]PDF1.8M
Hustle [Owner's] [English]PDF6.8M
Hustler [Service] [English]PDF1.2M
Hydra (TM-354 1st Printing) [Universal Kit Install] [English]PDF8.0M
Hydro Thunder (25in Upright) [Operation] [English]PDF4.3M
Hyper Olympics [English]PDF688K
Hyper Sports (Conversion Kit) [Instructions] [English]PDF400K
Hyper Sports [Schematics] [English]PDF1.4M
I Robot (TM-252 1st Printing) [Operator's & Parts] [English]PDF3.9M
I-Robot (TM-251 1st Printing) [Op & Parts] [English]PDF3.7M
Ice Cold Beer [Addendum] [English]PDF224K
Ice Cold Beer [Op-Maint-Serv-Parts] [English]PDF2.4M
Ice-Ball [Owner's & Service] [English]PDF180K
Igmo [Instructions] [English]PDF5.3M
Imperial Color Rastar [Instructions] [English]PDF1.4M
In-circuit LOPT-FBT Tester Assembly Manual [English]PDF304K
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (TM-282 1st Printing) [Op & Parts] [English]PDF4.6M
Indoor Soccer [Service] [English]PDF1.0M
Indy 4 (TM-055) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF 12M
Indy 800 (TM-026) [Service] [English]PDF6.8M
Inferno (Meadows) [Service-Instructions] [English]PDF2.5M
Insector X [English]PDF 38K
Interstellar (Upright) [Service Manual] [English]PDF416K
Interstellar [Schematics] [English]PDF304K
Intersteller to Cobra Command [Conversion Kit Ins] [English]PDF256K
Intruder [Schematics] [English]PDF1.5M
Invasion [Operator's] [Italian]PDF2.0M
Iron Horse [Conversion Kit Instructions] [English]PDF1.5M
Jack The Giant Killer [Schematics] [English]PDF848K
Jack the Giant Killer [Op & Maintenance] [English]PDF1.3M
Jackal [Operator's] [English]PDF2.7M
Jet Fighter (TM-027) [Op-Maint-Serv] [English]PDF 14M
JoJo's Adventure [Operator's] [English]PDF4.5M
Joust (11x17) [Schematics] [English]PDF4.2M
Joust (USA Upright) [Instructions] [English]PDF288K
Joust (Upright) [Parts Catalog] [English]PDF240K
Joust [Drawing Set] [English]PDF960K
Joust [Interboard Wiring Schematics] [English]PDF352K
Jr Pac-man [Instructions] [English]PDF2.1M
Juju Densetsu [English]PDF3.0M
Jungle Hunt (Upright) [English]PDF2.9M
Jungle King (Upright) [English]PDF2.8M
Juno First [Instructions] [English]PDF1.7M