Manuals: Arcade Manuals (0-9).

Title of Manual

Size of the PDF
1942 [Instruction] [English]PDF2.8M
1943 - The Battle Of Midway [Kit Instruction] [English]PDF768K
1943 [Schematics] [English]PDF1.7M
1944 - The Loop Master [Japanese]PDF1.3M
1945 K III [English]PDF 22K
19K6102-5835A 19in Color Graphic Display [Schematics] [English]PDF224K
19XX - The War Against Destiny [Operator's] [English]PDF1.1M
4 Player Football (DP-139 1st Printing) [Drawing Package] [English]PDF1.3M
500GP (3 in 1) [Supplement Manual] [English]PDF928K
500GP Deluxe [Operator's] [English]PDF1.2M
500GP Standard [Operator's] [English]PDF1.3M
6400 19in Color Graphic Display [Schematics] [English]PDF1.5M
69x1251 Color Monitor [Setup Instructions] [English]PDF 86K
720 (SP-294 1st Printing) [Schematic Package] [English]PDF2.0M
720 [Joystick Parts Diagram] [English]PDF272K
800 Fathoms [Technical] [English]PDF1.1M