Taciturn by Kurt Erichsen

Cartoons by Kurt Erichsen
without a whole lot of words

Taciturn is an unguided tour of the Mostly Kompleat Kartoons of Kurt
Erichsen. At twelve pages a shot, this may take a while to cover the past 30 years, but all the issues so far are here. They include fan cartoons and illos from the late 1970s on. It's "Taciturn," because it's all cartoons without running commentary. Well, hardly any.

Taciturn's primary distribution is electronic, here or by emailing Kurt
Erichsen, Kerichsen@compuserve.com. Paper copies are available on request.

Taciturn 1 - October 2002 (736 KB)

Taciturn 2 - March 2003 (600 KB)

All files are in PDF format

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