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So It Goes #18

Hi, I'm Tim Marion, and this is the first time I've ever made a fanzine available online. Thank you, Bill Burns, for coming up with this wonderful concept.

I originally started So It Goes at the tender age of 14 in 1973. At that time, being a fairly typical fan, I was totally alienated by my peers in high school and used So It Goes as my vehicle to communicate my feelings to other, mostly sympathetic, fans.

I revived So It Goes a few years ago (2005) after a gap of 27 years. My intention is to produce a zine that reminds me of some of the very best fanzines I received in the 1970s; one that also brings to mind, through its history, presentation and contents, the fandom and times of bygone eras.

So It Goes—elegant or elegiac—you decide which...or both, if you will. Comments on Jeff Kleinbard's article "Celtic Kabbalism" can be emailed to him at . Other comments on the zine can also be made there. However, if you wish to receive a hard copy print-out of the next issue, the best way to do that is to write me a hard copy letter at the address on the contents page.

Enjoy...I hope.

So It Goes #16 (2.5MB)

So It Goes #17 (4.3MB)

So It Goes #18 (6.8MB)

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