Smooth Active Badgers edited by Eloise (Beltz-Decker) Mason

Smooth Active Badgers was conceived as a sort of combined, mutual con-report crossbred into zine format. I left my laptop set up in a corner of the [Corflu 2003] consuite all weekend, and some folks typed into it. Some others emailed me afterwards, and I cobbled the whole (and my own photos, and whatnot) together into a coherent zine, which is what you see below.

Also, this is the result of someone telling me, "Your zines are all the same. It's boring. Here, have a book on graphic design." Fear my newly-acquired design skills. :-> SAB is intended to be printed out landscape on legal-format paper (8.5" x 14"), then folded in half and in half again (yielding something suitable to be taped shut and mailed). The photocollage on the back page is more interesting when viewed that way first.

Eloise (Beltz-Decker) Mason

All files are in PDF format

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Issue 1 (1.2MB)

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