How 'bout that? As they say in the scary movies, "We're ba-a-ack."

And it IS scary, isn't it?Well, joking aside, it was touch-and-go. As usual, I jumped into Planetary Stories with absolutely NO planning! I had lotsa stories hanging around to print, so -- why worry?

Then -- AFTER the first issue, of course! -- it occured to me: I can't fill the mag up with nothing but my own stories!

Now, the first issue was -- obviously! -- not all my own stuff. Several others contributed generously of their ideas and time. "Well," I said to myself, "when people see Planetary Stories out there, they'll be practically breaking my door down to contribute!

Yeah. . . .

Don't misunderstand me; there HAVE been volunteers. For one thing, look at the cover; that was a volunteer artist, and the story, Doomed Lensmen, was volunteered as well. And I have another volunteer story on hand.

It'll be in the next issue. . .along with lots of my stuff, unless more of you have a bone you wanta toss my way.

On Doomed Lensmen: It has an interesting story behind it. For one thing, the artist, Gordon Monson, was the original artist of the cover. William Jackson took Gordon's picture and added color and stuff, and you see the result. The story, as the heading says, was in the first issue of a fanzine. . .that was listed as number 77.

Gordon Monson also did the interior illos for Doomed Lensmen. (I'm being optimistic; I've never put a picture into text and I'm saying this before the fact!)

And, yeah, once again a picture of me. Why not? Makes it even MORE scary.