Number One edited by Mike McInerney

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Mike writes that he's been in fandom more than 40 years, producing fanzines, attending cons, creating fanclubs and apas but that he is quite proud of receiving 3rd prize (a white ribbon) for his Jambalaya Recipe at last year's San Mateo County Fair. There were many professional chefs in the contest and he feels that the Dungeness Crab and Andouille Sausage made the difference!

Mike also tries to make his FAPAzine interesting even to those who are aren't members by including various bits of fan fiction, articles or biased memories of the past 40 years.

Number One Issue 5 Number One Issue 6
Number One Issue 7 Number One Issue 8
Number One Issue 9  
  Number One Issue 12 (617KB)
Number One Issue 13 (220KB)  
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