Novacon and the Nova Awards by Steve Green

In 1973, Novacon launched the annual Nova Awards to celebrate achievement in British science fiction fanzines. Originally handed down by a panel of judges, these accolades are now decided by Novacon members who can demonstrate a basic knowledge of current fanzines. Following Novacon 32, the three categories – best fanzine, best fanzine writer, best fanzine artist – were extended to cover fanzines produced in Eire.

The awards will next be presented at Novacon 37 in November 2007. The full rules are posted at and regular updates will appear in the convention’s progress reports; alternatively, send a reply-paid envelope to 33 Scott Road, Olton, Solihull, B92 7LQ (this is also the address for fanzines wishing to be listed in updates).

Steve Green, Administrator

Novacon 37 will be held over the weekend of 2-4 November 2007, at the Quality Hotel in Bentley, near Walsall, England. Our guest of honour is Charles Stross. Please visit our website at UK membership is currently UK£35.00, rising to UK£38.00 on 1 May 2007. UK members can join by cheque or postal order (see downloadable registration and hotel booking form). We are currently making arrangements to accept credit card payments from non-UK fans (in Euros or US dollars); for further details, please e-mail Steve Green at Progress Report 0.

Read Progress Report 1 (includes Peter Weston's opening essay in our series on the history of British sf conventions).

Read Progress Report 2 (includes Peter Weston's second essay on the history of British sf conventions, covering 1960-1979).

Last revised: 22 August, 2007

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