Mr Monster
a tribute to Forrest J Ackerman

Alan White

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Alan writes:

Who can argue over the last 90 years, Forry Ackerman has stirred the gray matter of millions of fans the world over? Some to wonder, some to create, share, get involved, and more importantly, to think. The fact you are reading this is testament to Forry’s tenacity and love of life. And certainly, the legacy of the man will live beyond the pages, the movies, the collections, the conventions to all the people who will never know they’ve been touched by “Mr. Monster”, Forrest J (no period) Ackerman.


Whether you met Forry through the pages of some dusty tome, over a box of popcorn at a double horror matinee, a legendary Open House at the Ackermansion, the “Famous Monsters of Filmland” letter- column or shaking his hand at a convention, you are now charged with taking what you have and doing what you will to pass along the joy, the interest and enthusiasm that we all share to those less fortunate. If we don’t, then what does that say about ourselves?

Mr Monster (1.4MB)

Last revised: 21 January, 2009

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