Meadows of Fantasy

Notes on the presentation of Meadows of Fantasy

Scans by Brian Jordan

Text typed from scans by Erika Maria Lacey
and John Teehan, 2001-2002

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Meadows of Fantasy

Archie Mercer

The Meadows of Fantasy
(The Story of the Golden Age)

Devised, written, stencilled, proofread,
duplicated, assembled, bound & published by
Archie Mercer

70 Worrall Road
Bristol 8 G.B.

A Mercatorial Publication
Yngvi is a louse

For Beryl

She helped to delay it. If there's ever a sequel, though, she'll help to write it.

The principal characters in this story are fictitious (albeit most of them probably bear a surprising resemblance to their author).

In order to provide a modicum of much-needed verisimilitude, however, a number of eminently non-fictitious individuals have been introduced in suitable places. I trust that this matter will do nothing to disturb our friendship.

Any suspicious-looking red marks on the paper are strictly by courtesy of the manufacturers of said paper, over whom the perpetrator has no control whatsoever.

Copyright of Archibald Henry Mercer, 1965

The Meadows of Fantasy

Chapisode Page
1 Fandom Joins the Ladies 1
2 Fandom is Sold up the River 10
3 Fandom Goes Underground 20
4 Fandom is Conspicuous by its Absence 33
5 Fandom Goes to the Dogs 37
6 Fandom is At Home 53
7 Fandom is Deflated 61
8 Fandom Goes to Coventry 73
9 Fandom is Beset by Pirates 81
10 Fandom Displays its Sense of Civic Responsibility 93
11 Fandom is Supposed to be Taken for Granted 107
12 Fandom Takes the Waters 117
13 Fandom Resolves the Equation 126
14 Fandom Takes the High Road 135

Notes on Pronunciation

There are several ways of pronouncing "Thisbury".

The locals reckon to use a sharp "Th" (as in "think") and a soft "z" for the "s".

Strangers to the district, however, usually pronounce the "This-" as in "this and that", so if that's the way you find yourself saying it you'll be in good company.

Certain scholastic pedants maintain that the true pronunciation is actually "Thessbury". Personally, I think they're being ridiculous.


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