Motorway Dreamer edited by John Nielsen Hall

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Introducing Motorway Dreamer, John Nielsen Hall aka John N Hall, Uncle Johnny, and various other epithets, writes:

A fannish history-

First made contact with Fandom via the BSFA and esp. Archie Mercer as a teenager in the 1960’s . Produced first fanzine Zine, in late sixties - two issues. More famously, hooked up with Roy Kettle and Greg Pickersgill and became part of Ratfandom. Made numerous appearances in various fanzines of the period, such as Fouler, Maya, Zimri. Was a dweller in the John Brunner’s commune of ill assorted folks in Hampstead, later married Julia Stone, a fan since the sixties with Mary Reed etc. Somewhere in this period also produced a fanzine called Legend, which may only have gone out on apa’s - can't remember anything about it. Fanac stopped by around 78, though remained in touch with Brunners, Mercers, Mary etc. Searched out by Greg Pickersgill in early 1990’s and joined fannish e-lists Wegenheim and InTheBar. Resumed Fanac in earnest after meeting many old timers at John Brosnan’s far-from-funereal drink up, May 2005.

Motorway Dreamer was first conceived of, according Rob Hansen’s Then, sometime in the seventies when the Rats acquired a duplicator on which all future fanzines were to be produced. Notoriously, this duplicator, which had taken all available communal funds, could not be induced to work. Even if it had, it's not very likely that I would have completed Motorway Dreamer at the time. I have to thank Sandra Bond for reminding me of it, else something with another title entirely might have appeared. But it's here now, in this glorious new digital age of pdf files and I humbly bring it forward to a public whose patience in waiting for so long, for so little, can only be marvelled at.

Motorway Dreamer 1 (2.9MB)

Motorway Dreamer 2 (1.6MB)

Motorway Dreamer 3 (2.7MB)

Motorway Dreamer 4 (1.5MB)

Motorway Dreamer 5 (4.8MB)

Motorway Dreamer 6 (4.1MB)

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