Fanzine in an Hour: LOSCON 33

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Vanessa Van Wagner writes:

"After participating in Chris Garcia's fanzine-in-an-hour panel at Baycon and being pleased with the results, we decided to try it at LOSCON 33. The idea is to turn out a fanzine in the time allotted to one convention panel, using whatever material can be generated by whichever fans show up. Everything: title, layout, illustrations, articles - is produced on the spot. This was done on a laptop that someone brought along. If we include scanning illos and printing, it's actually fanzine in about 78 minutes.

"We had a good turnout. There were several veteran ziners, one zining veteran, a few neo-dabblers, and some deeply weird young people who brought great energy and a profoundly twisted quality to the whole thing. It was great fannish fun and we definitely plan to do it again at LOSCON 34."

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Last revised: 27 November, 2006

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