Stranger in Stranger Lands by John Foyster

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John Foyster's 1979 GUFF trip report


In the late 1970s SF fans in Europe and in Australia became
interested in the idea of making more contact and set
out to have a closer relationship between the two countries.
The result was that I was the first Australian fan to go to a
world convention. Most of the report of my trip is included in
the PDF files.

My report on the trip was ready by 1996. But that was not really
what I intended and eventually I was able to plan a report which
included photos. This report is therefore a second edition.

The PDF files are in a format I like, but I have not been able to
persuade everyone else - indeed almost no one - how much better
this format is. So here are the rules as they were designed to
fit on your computer screen. If you get organised correctly you
will find it very easy to read these pages just like pages of
paper used to used to be. I am sure that many of you will want
to print out these files on paper, but one day in this century
you'll work out how to do it.

Good luck!

Webmaster's note: I'm sorry to report that John Foyster died on 5 April 2003. I'm glad that is hosting John's GUFF trip report, which he worked on producing while already quite ill, and I hope that its presentation here will form a lasting tribute to him

-- Bill Burns


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