Flights From The Iron Moon
Genre Poetry in UK Fanzines & Little Magazines 1980 - 1989

Way back in 1993, the original paper copy of Flights From The Iron Moon was published by Steve Sneyd's HILLTOP Press. Steve did the hard work of gathering and collating the information into some kind of logical order. The final typing and printing was done by Chuck Connor, via a strange brew of pre-Windows computer word processing, and dot matrix stencil cutting. It was also printed on foolscap paper - another novelty at the time.

Jump forward fourteen years to 2007, and in the back of a long-forgotten floppy disk box was a 720kB disk with what turned out to be the whole of the original texts, albeit in a long-discarded file format (PC-Write)

After some discussion with Steve Sneyd, we both feel this document can still serve a purpose in that it recounts happenings in what was possibly the last period of fanzines using genre specific poetry - instances of which, in 2008, are exceedingly few and far between in the UK.

The original front cover from long-time fan-artist, Harry Turner, has been faithfully reproduced and where errors/typos in the original text were later detected, these have now been corrected, and in some cases amended and updated. Please note, though, that this is not designed to be the definitive work, and any additions or corrections should be sent to this mailto

Many thanks to Bill Burns for providing space and bandwidth for the distribution of this PDF file.

Flights FromThe Iron Moon 120 pages (2.7MB)

All files are in PDF format

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