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IRS #250

Bruce Gillespie writes:

Bill Wright joined Melbourne fandom in the 1950s and has contributed much to the Melbourne SF Club and other Australian fannish activities since then. He is best known for being a Lifetime Member of the Melbourne SF Club, a founder member of ANZAPA, a founder member of the Nova Mob (Melbourne's SF discussion group) and the Secretary of Aussiecon I, held in Melbourne in 1975. He also organised the Australian side of the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund in 2004. He has published IRS for many years.

In recent years, because of IRS, Bill Wright has won every ANZAPA annual popularity poll for which he has been eligible to stand..

IRS for ANZAPA 241 - February 2008 (636KB)
IRS for ANZAPA 242 - April 2008 (586KB)
IRS for ANZAPA 243 - June 2008 (573KB)
IRS for ANZAPA 244 - August 2008 (734KB)
IRS for ANZAPA 245 - October 2008 (726KB)
IRS for ANZAPA 246 - December 2008 (780KB)
IRS for ANZAPA 247 - February 2009 (767KB)
IRS for ANZAPA 248 - April 2009 (3MB)
IRS for ANZAPA 249 - June 2009 (2.3MB)
IRS for ANZAPA 250 - August 2009 (1.3MB)
IRS for ANZAPA 251 - October 2009 (2.5MB)
Meteor Inc (115 KB) - a proposal for a permanent science fiction institution and research collection in Australia

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