Hyperdrivezine edited by Ricardo Loureiro

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Ricardo writes:

When I started browsing the internet back in ’93 one of the first ideas I had was “how to put up a website?” Like most people around that time I went into a HTML crash-course and pretty soon I was “designing” my very own website, which I proudly boasted around. Thankfully no trace of it can be found nowadays.

Eventually I grew old and started thinking that a website should have some kind of content to keep the people coming in, and so came the idea for a place where prospective writers of Portuguese language could submit their stories. Mostly I got stories of a fantastic bias, and very little science fiction, but ocasionally one would pop up. The site went on for several months but then things halted, in part because I was feeling unsatisfied with the format, in part because I wasn’t getting enough submissions to keep it rolling.

So I went a step further – or according to some people, a step backward – and redesigned the ezine/website as a de facto fanzine. Hyperdrivezine was born! Alas it only went for four issues but, boy was it a ride! And now, thanks to Bill Burns it’s possible for a larger audience to see what it was all about.

Note: All issues are in Portuguese.

Hyperdrivezine #1 (728KB)

Hyperdrivezine #2 (2.6MB)

Hyperdrivezine #3 (3.2MB)

Hyperdrivezine #4 (1.5MB)

Last revised: 13 December, 2006

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