Release the Hounds
Rogers Cadenhead

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Rogers writes:

Introductions are in order: I’m Rogers Cadenhead, a 41-year-old web publisher, computer book author and lapsed journalist. My golden age of science fiction was the late ’70s, when I scoured libraries and secondhand bookstores in Dallas-Fort Worth for anything I could find by Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, Madeline L’Engle, Stephen R. Donaldson and FAPA’s own Robert Silverberg. I joined the comics APA CAPA-Alpha while in college, but I gafiated from fandom to build a career and family, only finding my way back recently.

Release The Hounds #1 (2.5MB)
Release The Hounds #2 (251KB)

Last revised: 17 March, 2009

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