Home Kookin’
by the
Las Vegas Actifan Element


Home Kickin’

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Arnie Katz writes:

Home Kookin’ #1, March 2009, is a oneshot produced at Non-Cor 1, the noncom designed to chase away the No Corflu Blues. It was written on Saturday evening, March 14, at the Launch Pad, the home of Arnie & Joyce Katz.

It is the Group Effort of the Actifan Element, which includes Tee Cochran & James Taylor, Bill & Roc Mills, Ross Chamberlain, Don Miller, Rick King, Ron & Linda Bushyager and Arnie & Joyce Katz.

Home Kookin’ #1 (150KB)


What happens when Wildfan Nic Farey and his charming wife Bobbie visit Las Vegrants? Despite what they say about things that happen in Vegas, Home Kookin’ #2 has it all in words and pictures. Well, most of it. This is a family oneshot fanzine, so there are some limits.

Home Kookin’ #2 (1.1MB)


It’s a special occasion when Sandra Bond returns to Las Vegas, and the Vegrants have marked the occasion with the third issue of Home Kookin’.

Home Kookin’ #3 (1.5MB)


Welcome to the 4th
monthly issue of a fanzine that
the bunch of us started on a whim, as a oneshot. Idle
features (it sez here) carefully considered and
written articles, but Home Kookin’ is just the oppo-

Home Kookin’ #4 (1MB)


This 5th issue of Home Kookin’features the Nic & Bobbie Farey Housewarming Party and much more.

Home Kookin’ #5 (1MB)


This is the 6th issue of Home Kookin’, a more or less spontaneously monthly fanzine, produced at the 7/20 Vegrants meeting.

Home Kookin’ #6 (2.1MB)


The latest issue of Home Kookin' is the best yet as the Vegrants continue their rambunctious ways.

Besides the round-robin editorial, the issue includes a report on the meeting at which it was created, Bill Mills' "Jammin'" column, letters and a faan fiction piece by Arnie Katz, "The FanFather."

Home Kookin’ #7 (3.1MB)


This is the 8th issue of Home Kookin’, packed with writing, art and photography from the Vegrants and some highly talented friends.

Home Kookin’ #8 (2.5MB)


The observant will note the warning that this isn’t Home Kookin’. Rather it is an even more spontaneous fanzine called Home Kickin’.

Home Kickin’ #1 (1.2MB)

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