The Glitter City Gangstas, Gigolos, & Goofballs
edited by Arnie Katz

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Welcome to the first Las Vegas oneshot in many years. We used to do them all the time – there were 60 monthly issues of The Vegas All-Stars in the early and mid-1990’s. I can’t guarantee that this is the first of 60 issues, or even the first of two, but we’re all revved up and ready to give it a try.

--Arnie Katz

The Glitter City Gangstas #1 (371KB)

and here's another one...

The Glitter City Gigolos #2 (1.4MB)

and then there's...

The Glitter City Goofballs #3 (1.8MB)

Last revised: 22 May, 2006

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