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Curt Phillips Fan Photographs

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005: From Lynn Hickman's collection. Taken at Nolacon, 1951.
Tentative identification by Bob Tucker: L to R:
?, ?, Dave Kyle, Fredric Brown.
001: Nolacon, 1951. Far left, Lee Hoffman. Second from the right, seated, is Fritz Leiber, Nolacon GOH. Can you identify the others?
003: Nolacon, 1951 What's Sam Moskowitz got on his finger? Who's the other guy?
004: Nolacon 1951? Lee Hoffman and Walt Willis had their photos taken wearing that same hat. (See Warhoon 28). Who is this young fan?
Howard DeVore thinks that this was at Beatley's on the Lake in 1952
011: Nolacon, 1951. North Carolina fan Wilkie Conner leaning on the Mercury convertible of Lynn Hickman in which he would shortly ride to New Orleans for Nolacon.
012: Wilkie Conner of Statesboro, NC with his own car. 1951. Photo by Lynn Hickman.
009: Nolacon, 1951. The famous Room 770 Room Party. The fan with the glasses is Lynn Hickman. The seated fan to his left may be Roger Sims. Lee Hoffman is in the foreground. 016: Nolacon 1951. Fans in costume. Was the fellow in the center the "Little Green Man From Mars" who was mentioned in some convention reports?
Whether he was or not, his name is Joe Gibson.
010: Nolacon 1951. The Room 770 room party.
?, Walt Liebscher?, ?, Sam Moskowitz, ?, ?.
017: Nolacon 1951.
L to R: ? Bea Mahaffey, ?
019: Nolacon, 1951. These fans seem to be rehearsing for a skit. L to R: ?, Judy Merrill?, ?, ?
020: Nolacon, 1951. L to R: Max Keasler? or Shelby Vick?, Judith Merril, Walt Liebscher?
021: Nolacon, 1951. Max Keasler? or Shelby Vick?, either paying for an auction win or buying that hat. 022: Nolacon, 1951. Ignoring the fellows with their backs to the camera, L to R: ?, ?, and could that be Bea Mahaffey?
The magazine is the Oct. 1951 issue of OTHER WORLDS. (Pulps are easy to identify. People are more difficult...)
018: Nolacon, 1951. Convention hall stage. The backdrop is a wall of Morris Scott Dollens paintings.
L to R: ?, Harry Moore?, ?
037: Nolacon, 1951. ?, Judy Merril, Ed Wood, Fredric Brown.
023: L to R: Dean Grennell, Walt Willis, on the 1962 Willis Fund trip to the United States. Taken at the Grennell home in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. (Photo by Madeleine Willis).
024: Howard DeVore in his attic with his collection of customers who wouldn't pay their bills.
L to R: Howard DeVore, Harlan Ellison, Cheryl DeVore, Bill Dignin, John Magnus, Mary Southworth, Sybil DeVore. The little girl is Karol DeVore; Fred Prophet is next to her and Roger Sims in front.
Photo was probably taken by George Young early l954.
006: Some interesting things on the walls and bookcases, but date and location unknown.
L to R: Robert Madle, Don Franson, ?, ?
038: Dan L. Adkins in New York. March, 1959. 026: Bea Mahaffey? Or Lee Hoffman? Or Pat Mahaffey?
028: John Berry speaking at the 1959 Worldcon.
L to R: Fred Prophet, John Berry, Roger Sims.

027: Les Gerber. (About 1960?)
025: Lynn Hickman and Carolyn Hickman. (About 1959?)
015: Lynn Hickman and Carolyn Hickman. (About 1990.)
035: Curt Phillips, Rusty Hevelin, and Bob Tucker. Chattacon, Jan. 13, 1990. 036: Lynn Hickman and Bob Tucker. Inconjunction, July, 1981.
Two of the great names of the Carolina Fan Federation;
lifelong friends Wilkie Conner and Lynn Hickman,
photo taken in 1990
Harry Warner, Jr., 1987
040: Curt's *other*, other hobby. With the Army of the Tennessee at the Battle of Atlanta, 1994. 041: Posing for a Civil War era photo that got damaged in processing. My uniform was never cleaner. Pvt. Curt Phillips, Co. A, 79th New York State Militia.
039: With the 30th Inf. Division at the 1998 Battle of the Bulge Re-enactment. 000: OK, no more re-enacting photos after this! An authentic style photo of Co. A, 79th New York State Militia at the Re-enactment of the Battle of Bull Run, August, 1997. Curt Phillips is 2nd. from the right, standing. Oh, the things fans do when no one sends them fanzines to read...

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