Ah! Sweet Laney!
The Writings of a Great Big Man

Selected Writings of
Francis Towner Laney

Edited by Robert Lichtman

Cover designs and title page by Dan Steffan
Interior illustrations by William Rotsler
Design and production by Pat Virzi

From the introduction by Robert Lichtman:

"Some of the articles in this collection have been reprinted in various fanzines over the years, but for most this is their first airing since they were written in the '40s and early '50s. Since not everyone has access to the original fanzines or the reprints, they are included here for all to enjoy...

"The articles in this collection amply demonstrate the wide range of Laney's interests and obsessions without any further editorial comment. (I can't resist noting, however, that "Apologize, Al Ashley!" is the article that got Burbee fired as editor of Shangri L'Affaires.) I hope you derive as much enjoyment reading it as I did putting it together."

132 pages plus covers, unibound
All sales benefit Corflu Quire and future Corflus

US $15 plus postage
($5 to US addresses, $8 to Canada, $10 overseas)

Available from Pat Virzi, 618 Westridge Dr., Duncanville, TX 75116
(checks payable to Pat Virzi, or PayPal to corflu24@swbell.net)

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Last revised: 30 January, 2007

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