25th World S.F. Convention New York 1967
Ted White & Dave Van Arnam, Chairmen


THURSDAY, August 31st:

4:00 pm: Registration in the Exposition Hall begins.

Also setup for Art Show & Booksellers' Rooms.

FRIDAY, September 1st:

10:00 am: Registration in the Rotunda (all day).

11:30 am: The convention opens in the Grand Ballroom with blessings and an invocation by John Boardman.

12:00 noon: The chairmen open the convention officially with the New Gavel, make a few announcements, and introduce the notables present. If none are present, we will Make Do, somehow.

1:00 pm: This afternoon is dedicated to fandom, and Terry Carr and Dick Lupoff begin with a dialogue on Fans Turned Pro -- Or, Is Fandom A Stepping-Stone?

2:15 pm: Bjo Trimble and Steve Stiles in a dialogue on fan art discuss Is It Illustration, Or Is It Art?

3:00 pm: Alex Panshin, one of this year's contenders for the Fan Writer Achievement Award, talks about his own critical writings, both for fanzines and for Advent and Twayne Press.

3:45 pm: The Ellison Auction. Bob Silverberg will personally auction Harlan Ellison to the highest bidder, all proceeds to go to TAFF. There is an unconfirmed rumor that Harlan may auction Bob as well.

4:30 pm: The regular auction. Items will include paintings by Kelly Freas, John Schoenherr, Gray Morrow, and Frank Frazetta, as well as the original painting for the cover of Avon's THE SHIP OF ISHTAR, and manuscripts including an original TV script by Theodore Sturgeon. Following the auction will be the Dinner Break.

7:30 pm: The Second Galaxy of Fashions Show, in which a number of attractive young gannes will exhibit fashions of the future, courtesy GALAXY Magazine. (This show was taped, Thursday afternoon, for possible broadcasting over CBS television.)

SATURDAY, September 2nd:

10:00 am: Registration in the Rotunda (all day).

12:00 noon: The theme for this session is "What's New?", and to open it is a dialogue between Ted White and Harlan Ellison: The New Wave -- Avant Garde or Rear Guard?

1:15 pm: Norman Spinrad engages in a dialogue with Fred Pohl. His contention: Fred shouldn't be editing three of the five major sf magazines.

2:15 pm: Judy Merril and Tom Disch hold a dialogue they've titled Some Aspects Of Author-Editor Relationships.

3:30 pm: Roger Zelazny and Samuel Delany, the two most-awarded new writers in the field, will hold a dialogue on their own writing experiences and aims.

4:30 pm: The selection of next year's convention site. Los Angeles & Berkeley are bidding.

5:30 pm: The Auction, again. Following the Auction will be the Dinner Break.

9:30 pm: A special film showing -- a sneak preview of the first new fall episode of STAR TREK, "Amok Time," from a script by Theodore Sturgeon, presented courtesy of the producer, Gene Roddenberry.

SUNDAY, September 3rd:

10:00 am: Registration in the Rotunda

10:00 am: The Business Session of the 25th World Science Fiction Convention.

12:00 noon: An Interview with Robert Silverberg, How I Stopped Writing Science Fiction And Learned To Love Writing

Science Fiction, opens the session.

12:45 pm: The British Scene: Mike Moorcock of NEW WORLDS and John Bush of Victor Gollancz discuss publishing conditions in the United Kingdom.

1:15 pm: An Interview with Jack Gaughan: What's Right And What's Wrong In The Science Fiction Package.

2:00 pm: Should There Be More Or Less Science In Science Fiction? Sid Coleman challenges Isaac Asimov to a dialogue.

3:00 pm: An Interview with Larry Shaw, former active fan, former editor of IF, INFINITY, and SF ADVENTURES, and presently editor at Lancer Books.

3:30 pm: John Brunner & Fritz Leiber hold a dialogue on Mythmaking In Science Fiction.

4:30 pm: Auction, followed by Dinner Break.

8:30 pm: The Costume Parade -- fans & pros mingle in anonymous confusion, while George Scithers and his merry band of judges seek the winners with the best costumes.

MONDAY, September 4th:

12:30 pm: The Awards Banquet. Guests of Honor Lester del Rey and Bob Tucker will speak, and toastmaster Harlan Ellison will hand out the year's Achievement Awards. There will be observed a moment of silence for the memory of Hugo Gernsback.

The Art Show will be on view throughout the convention in the Ivy Suite. The Booksellers' displays will be seen in the Georgian Room. And the Richard Powers art show will be on exhibition in the Hartford Room. All general sessions, the Business Session, the Fashion Show, and Costume Parade will be in the Grand Ballroom. If you find the ballroom crowded, try the large balcony above.

Check the Bulletin Board for any last-minute changes in the program.

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