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1957 London WorldCon Photographs

All photos courtesy of Ina Shorrock, from the collection of Norman Shorrock.

71 pictures on line - many more to come!

According to Ina,  these pictures were taken by a professional photographer at the London WorldCon in 1957.  Norman made a deal with him after the con and bought 3" x 5" copies of just about all the photos,  which have been in a box in Higher Bebington ever since.

Ina put them in albums to display in the  Fan Room at Paragon, Easter 2001, and kindly allowed me to bring them all back to New York to be scanned and put on the web.

While some of the photos are captioned on the back, I don't have names for many of the subjects, so all contributions in this area are welcomed.   Please refer to the picture number under each  image when making identifications.

Page 1 - Auction, St. Fantony Ceremony, Art Show

Page 2 - "He's in the bar!"

Page 3 - "Cocktails at Popular Prices"

Page 4 - The Hugos

Page 5 - Whicker's WorldCon and the Masquerade

Page 6 - More of the Masquerade

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