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1955 Cytricon, Kettering
Photos from the collection of Joy Sanderson,
preserved by Moshe Feder

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A "fannish" view of Kettering from
one of the bedrooms in the George

The local inhabitants were not the least perturbed by the appearance of these two fen !!!

Same pair, but still no reaction

... and again ...

Brian Varley looking peculiar - as usual

Bartenders with zap guns yet!!
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Don't look now, but some
time was spent in the hall

Poor Ted Tubb's lost his
voice at the auctions


Guess the two old ladies wondered
what it was all about

Ah, this is better. Those photos of
people in the hall had me worried!

Fannish tradition would seem to make
it essential to have a photo taken
from the other side of the bar

... so this year there were two!

Liverpool fancy-dress was really great this year - Ina and John

The boys have every intention of making
this sort of thing an essential part of a con

Brian Varley testing the
strength of Ina's armour?

Just part of a party!

Ina and Norman Shorrock

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